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Publié le Jeudi 02 mars 2017

The ESSYM (Ecole Supérieure des SYstèmes de Management) is one of the 24 schools run by the Paris-Ile de France Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The ESSYM is complementary to the positioning of major management schools on the market of the youth and corporate market. The ESSYM is a High School of Operational Management in apprenticeship.

For 25 years, the ESSYM has developed its course sections closer to the needs of companies. More than 2000 companies trust the ESSYM for its learning system, its innovative and interactive educational methods, making its learners more operational

The ESSYM proposes 24 trainings ( 2 to 5 years of post-baccalaureate studies) through its 3 fields of expertise in operational management of support functions:

Eric DENOUX, Directeur
Eric Denoux - Executive
  • Human Resources Management  
  • Specialized Management
  • Accounting and Financial Management

The diversity of trainings (French Ministry of Education diplomas, university degrees, professional certifications, certifications delivered by the Ministry of Employment and Labor) offers its students myriad possibilities and gateways.

These trainings are also accessible by EAV (Experience Acquisition Validation), continuous training, for pre-professional contracts and job seekers.

We rely on a carefully constituted team of key people from the real business world who are as experts as pedagogues in their fields of activities (lawyers, accounting experts, QHSE auditors, payroll practitioners,…) their methods are based on active teaching in project mode: students are faced with real and concrete cases and they can develop their way of thinking,  their reflexes and their employability. Of course we offer our students a personalized accompanying throughout their work/study program to guide them to success.

This higher education expertise is a guarantee for companies to admit students whose trainings match the missions assigned to them.

Furthermore, apprenticeship is a real career booster:  with their solid experience,  apprenticeship graduates are particularly valued by recruiters who perceive them as qualified, pro-active and mobile collaborators. They are given responsibilities more rapidly, their compensation levels rising accordingly.

Finally, in its commitment to the satisfaction of its corporate partners, the ESSYM is providing(around apprenticeship) an extensive array of “extra” services: recruitment forums, HRD support with awareness-raising among managers and human resources teams, Club RH, consulting for the financing of apprenticeship training,…

The ESSYM is continuing to grow :

On the grounds of our development foundations and to satisfy a growing demand of our youth as well as of multi-sites organizations in the Ile-de-France region, the ESSYM, on the occasion of its 25 years of existence and success, will open a branch (for Paris and the inner band of its surrounding territories) in Gennevilliers, with the start of the new academic year in September 2017, for a consolidated number of students close to 1700 for 2019.

Our teams will go on demonstrating our dual mission on the whole Paris region : best meeting the skills needs of companies  and optimizing the potentials of our students to « reach the tops of management ».

  1. 87% success at the exams
  2. 73,4% professional integration
  3. More than 1200 partner businesses
  4. Individualized monitoring
  5. Free and paid training
  6. International mobility
  7. Efficient work placement support
  8. A library resource and counseling center
  9. Low cost student accommodation
  10. School life – student office and association 

ESSYM is one of the 24 schools run by the Paris-Ile de France Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

  • 500 training courses (including 400 on apprenticeship)
  • 31200 trained students ( including 14 700 apprentices)
  • 77% professional insertion 7 months after the degree.
  • 88% success at the state exams
  • 7280 international students
  • 30000 adults on continuing education

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